"Balanced by Beth Testimonials"

"I was always intimidated by workout programs because I didn’t consider myself very fit or strong. Beth is so smart and compassionate. She designed a program for me that worked with my strengths and considered my limitations. I was so inspired by that program that I signed up for the 30-day challenge! What!? Not working out AT ALL to working out every day for 30 days?  But the way Beth designs it makes it TOTALLY MANAGEABLE.  I can do push ups now!  Beth TRULY CARES about her clients  and wants to help us have access to our best life - heart, mind, and BODY.  I had been neglecting that last one. She helped me claim it again. "  --Stephenie, Altadena, CA

“I love that it's just 15 minutes & I can do anywhere/anytime (eg. while dinner cooks or in the other room during my Hubbys birthday celebration:). I feel my balance returning, my legs & shoulders are stronger. I'm 57, spent the past several years at a desk job & noticed the big loss of strength & flexibility. Last year I fell 4 times doing routine things at home because of weakness & loss of balance. Getting on & off the floor has gotten nearly impossible. I felt like a much younger person stuck in an old woman's body. All of this took a big toll on my self confidence. Beginning the 30 Day Challenge was a profound eye-opener for me & I saw how weak I had let my body become. I remember day 12 when I was able to to a modified side plank with hip abduction successfully for the first time! (only 1 but it was a start & I felt so accomplished) My progress is slow but undeniable. 30 days was enough to prove to me that I can get stronger, and I'm so encouraged! A big Thank you to my friend Melanie for inviting me & to Beth for this great program. — Julie Woodward, California

"I have done both programs offered by Beth . . . and I just celebrated my 70th birthday! Her regimen is doable for all ages! I like that she focuses on balance and flexibility. Use it or lose it!! And I L O V E that I don't need to go to a gym. I have seen a consistent improvement in posture and knee movement. I get up out of a chair much quicker and can take those stairs with more strength. Her constant encouragement, accountability and always available to answer a question or keep you going is priceless. Jump in without hesitation . . . Beth is the best!" -- Colleen, San Diego, CA

"Beth’s 30 day challenge was both educational and challenging, even though I am an active person. I have always loved being active whether playing tennis, riding my bike, swimming or yoga, but I have never been as consistent as I was with this program. I loved it because it was easy to put in my day no matter what because everyone has 20 minutes! Now that I’m through with it, I am more motivated to continue to do the exercises she taught on a daily basis. She was always encouraging and had great feedback. I’d encourage everyone to use her program no matter what their background. "  --Gwyneth Rinner,  Edmond, OK

"I'm hooked! I knew I needed to do accessory work, but it was hard to be consistent (Crossfit usually took precedent). The 30 Day STRONG program has kept me doing accessory work consistently, and I have strengthened weak, small muscle groups that had been overpowered by large muscles when weightlifting. I have noticed more stability in my back when lifting heavy overhead, a stronger core, no more pain in my shoulder, healthier movement in bar work, and significantly less pain in my hip (I believe my hip pain will be eliminated with continued accessory work). I am a big fan of these exercises and believe they are a necessary part of a rigorous exercise program." ---Crossfit Mom, Monrovia, CA

"I have completed 2 programs. Two years ago, I started taking antidepressant medications due to the illness of my mother and father-in-law. They committed double suicide. The last 60 days has helped me wean off the medications. Although I don't personally know most of the participants, but the on-line posts have humorous and inspiring. The daily check-in on the app has made me be accountable for my on motivation. I am looking forward to the next Balanced by Beth Challenge." --Karyn, Encino, CA

"I loved the 30 Day STRONG program. I especially like that the routine could be modified to fit my fitness level and what was going on in my life that day. I also found the Facebook group encouraging and motivating."  --Jill Johnson, Sierra Madre, CA

I am so thankful for a program that is doable no matter how much time you have... makes it hard to come up with an excuse to not do it! My upper body strength has greatly improved along with my discipline to stick to better eating habits.

— Courtney Garcia, La Mirada, CA

"I loved the reminders and fact that it was everyday. I do well with that structure but also have limited time so 15 minutes was perfect! I also found the exercises to be well rounded and fun!"   --Heather Massie, Glendora, CA

"I just finished the 30 Day Challenge and I am so encouraged by what I accomplished in 30 days! I started this hoping to regain some strength. Before this program, my main exercise was running. I felt like a strong runner, however many other parts of my body did not feel strong. After doing this program, not only did I get stronger, I felt more balanced as well. This is the most consistent I have ever been with a workout program, and I think that is because of the accountability and encouragement of Dr. Beth Teran and the nature of the program. The workouts each day were short enough that I could easily start my day with it, or sneak it in at the end of the day if I needed to, but challenging enough that I felt I was accomplishing something each day. Also, having an app and a check list totally appealed to my “check it off the list” nature, that each day I was motivated to complete my list. I’m so glad I did this program and I am looking forward to the next one!"  --Betsy Wilson, Monrovia, CA

"I have been amazed at the results of the consistent, directed, motivated effort to get strong, be more flexible and balanced. When I started the program I could only do about 20 seconds standing on one foot. I am now up to a full minute and counting. Ready to go again. This is the best!" — Colleen, Sand Diego, CA

"Beth's 30-day STRONG program has been a game changer for me! Through the accountability, coaching, and variety of workouts available I have been MOTIVATED to work out because I am feeling and seeing results!  She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and helps me reach my goals of feeling stronger and leaner! I am feeling empowered!"  --Leandra Soop,  Monrovia, CA

"I liked the a accountability of the app reminding me to fit my assigned workout in. The videos were very helpful for me to watch so that I could learn correct form. I was motivated by Beth’s great form and learned a lot from her Talking videos as well. I do feel stronger and healthier. My lack of control with food definately limited my progress. Overall I was very impressed with Beth’s coaching and would do another challenge."  --Heidi Spray, Spokane, WA

"The 30 DAY STRONG program kept me in the exercise mode. Got me into the routine such that I looked forward to it! I feel stronger, more flexible and agile." --Patricia Todd, CA

I liked that the emphasis for each day was not only strength, but flexibility, balance and stretching. I need all of those. I LOVED that it was a workout that could be done in 15 minutes or less. I liked that you offered instructions for different difficulty levels of certain exercises and you were sooooo encouraging no matter what level we could do. It wasn’t about maxing ourselves out to an unhealthy point, but encouraging us to just do something!!!!! This has helped me feel better and has toned the areas I was hoping it would when I started. I feel stronger for sure. My husband said numerous times that he was seeing a difference, so that was sweet as well. This has given me the motivation to continue to do exercises. I needed the jumpstart and this program provided that. — Anonymous, Fall FIT Participant

"It is hard to believe how much can be accomplished with such little effort and time.  Because Beth is an expert in designing a program that strengthens important parts of our bodies, there is a remarkable improvement after just 30 days.  Because I have a weak/bad knee, I always approach stairs with a railing in one hand to help assist the right knee.  I don't need that any more.  I can take those stairs without any pull up from the railing . . . hands free!!   Also, getting up off the floor is easier . . . and popping up out of a chair is easier!  Thanks Beth for your passion for building strength, flexibility and balance.  She's the best!"   --Colleen, San Diego, CA

"Having recently completed the 30 day STRONG challenge, I can definitely recommend this program for anyone wanting to improve their strength and flexibility.  Using her background as a highly skilled and experienced physical therapist, Dr Beth Teran has put together a great program of exercises to suit all levels of ability. I was a little apprehensive going into it, as I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years and also issues with my feet and wrists that made it difficult to join in with regular exercise classes. I got tired of constantly having to figure out how to work around certain exercises or to sit certain exercises out. The beauty of this program is that at the start, you choose how many of the daily exercises you will complete (according to your current fitness level and personal goals). Once the program begins, each exercise is shown with clear video demonstrations including modifications, so you are fully in control of your program. The online group support is great and really helped me to keep going, (whilst also supporting me when I needed to listen to my body and take a rest day!) It's really helpful to have a community of challenge takers to share the experience with.  I didn't make use of the 1 to 1 coaching service, but it is great to know that this is an option if you have specific questions or needs that can't be addressed by email or in the group.  At the end of the program I am definitely feeling stronger and more physically able and I plan on using the momentum I have created to step up my strength training. If you are thinking about doing one of Dr Teran's programs, my advice would be to jump right in, you're in very capable hands!"  --Kim Oliver, Bath, England

“Accountability and accessibility make your workouts very doable for me. I did not see the same results as other months but that was due to my love of bad food, vacation, and having a varicose vein removed last week. I don’t know how you stay so balanced with your diet and having children! Keep doing what you are doing! You are impacting the lives of women and then they are impacting their families and world with new found confidence” — Heidi Spray, Spokane, WA

"After months of suffering from a foot injury that was misdiagnosed by my PCP as plantar fasciitis, Dr. Beth Teran came to my rescue.  She did a full evaluation and determined an accurate diagnosis.  (Later confirmed by a podiatrist whose only recommendation was to continue doing what Beth prescribed).  She then gave me a regimen of three strengthening exercises that would help my body heal.  After four weeks of consistent work, Dr. Teran came back to reevaluate my condition.  My foot felt so much stronger, and she determined I was 80% healed and ready to begin running again. 

I appreciate the accuracy, time and care Dr. Teran took in evaluating my condition.  It was refreshing to work with someone so knowledgeable and in tune with the mechanics of the body.  After our first meeting, I was motivated to begin the real healing and recovery process because I had such a specific plan and the reassurance from her that I would be able to heal and run again.

If you are looking for a long term solution to the root cause of your injury/pain, I am confident Dr. Teran will help you heal!"

--Kim Gero, Monrovia, CA

"Having had previous back issues misdiagnosed, I was struggling with what to do for help.  I contacted Beth Teran and she was amazing!  She listened to my description of what had caused my current injury and made a spot-on diagnosis.  With her expertise, and following her advice, my pain never returned in the intensity it had been.  Occasional  bits of tenderness continue but not the sharp intense pain that I was having.  I believe that knowing and understanding the source of a problem (proper diagnosis) helps in managing and healing.  Or Beth works miracles.  Either way I appreciate her approach and her expertise and I'm thankful for the pain to be gone" 

--Benjamin Fudge, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Dr Beth Teran's expertise has had three dramatic results in my life.  After returning from a vacation with severe back pain, I was diagnosed by my doctor as having arthritis.  Dr. Teran determined my pain was due to a very tight back muscle problem.  Following her exercise application, the pain was gone in two days. The second incident was complete immobility of my left side, from the hip to the feet.  Dr. Teran prescribed five exercises and within a week the pain was eradicated.  The third incident involved complications with a hip replacement. Her skills helped to resolve the issue and added to the healing process.  I highly recommend her skills and compassion unequivocally"  --Pastor Phil, San Diego, CA 


"I have had shoulder pain for a few years which has limited my physical activity. Beth Teran gave me a thorough physical evaluation, answered all my questions, and set me up with a home exercise program to address my shoulder problem. I am now pain-free and back to swimming regularly & pruning my fruit trees.  No shoulder pain!  Dr. Teran is an excellent Physical Therapist and I highly recommend her"  --Doug Wachsmuth, Portland, OR


"Dr. Beth Teran is compassionate, inspiring, positive & effective.  I've found courage and results working with her"    --Brenda Fukuda, Temple City, CA

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